Thank you for your interest in joining CMI’s LGBTQ Research Panel!

Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) is a California-based, LGBTQ-owned and operated firm specializing in LGBTQ research and communications, founded in 1992. As a member of our research panel, you will receive periodic survey invitations from us via email (no more than two per month).

Our research spans a variety of topics, including travel, shopping, health, beverages, dining, retirement, etc. as well as political and social issues of importance to our community. Survey participants may enter into cash prize drawings and/or may be invited to participate in paid focus groups or paid surveys.  You can learn more about us on our website:  

As part of a CMI research project, your personal information will remain SECURE and CONFIDENTIAL. We do not sell our lists or your contact information to other companies.  We report the collective opinion of the LGBTQ community, not your personal information. This is pure research.

The first step is to give us an email to invite you to the panel.   You can learn more about our Privacy Policy here.

Please note that we only accept panel members age 18 and over and we are only serving North America at this time.

That is it!  We will confirm your invitation to the panel at the beginning of each month, so it might take a little time to contact you.  This double opt-in process helps assure your privacy.  We will be in contact with you soon.  Please hit Submit Survey to enter your request.

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